Valerie still - let me feel your rhythm

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What I can tell you is that Massive Attack sent a track for me to write to a year ago or so. I love Massive Attack, so I gave it a go! Like many songs I've written, I was cooking in the kitchen. I had the track on loop in my headphones trying to hear voices around it. Finally, I turned the track off to focus on the cooking. That's when I heard the voice and started to sing what I heard. The chorus came first ... "Dancing on the astral plane, in holy water cleansing rain, floating through the stratosphere, blind but yeah you see so clear." It took me out of myself. Most songs I receive that do that I want to hold on for myself, but I tried to fit that one to the track. I did an awful recording job on the demo that I sent to them. That's usual for me. Recording is not a strong point for me!

If you enjoyed part 1 and you're planning on enjoying this part, please check out Sarkopheros's stories if you haven't already. He is a huge inspiration. As per before, expect crazy proportions, impossible cum inflation, expansion and hyper themes.

Valerie Song: Hot Yoga Part 2

By the time Valerie had finally showered off the layer of spunk coating her body, pulled on a blue sports bra and stuffed her fat package into a pair of yoga pants, she was very late. Yoga class had already begun and she found herself walking into an overcrowded studio that was wall to wall with plump asses bobbing in the air. Past wall to wall if you counted the reflections in the gym's infinity mirrors. An endless sea of swaying booty as far as the eye could see.

Valerie gulped. Her eighteen inch, forearm thick cock stiffened slightly at the sight. She closed her eyes and thought about cold showers. She'd paid good money for this class and wanted to actually finish one for once.

"Come on in!" the instructor called, cheerfully. "We've already finished our warmups but if you can find a spot you're welcome to join us! My name is Suzannah, but you can call me Suzan."

Suzan was a bright-eyed, energetic young woman with long, supple limbs, narrow waist and modest but perky tits. She was dressed in a two-piece leotard/leggings combo with a window in the belly to show off her abdominal muscles. Her washboard abs were so well defined that you could have used them to play hopscotch if you were tiny enough, or grate cheese if you were into more traditional metaphors. She kept her dark hair tied up in a large bun at the back of her head.

"It's okay. I uh... 'warmed up' on the way here," said Valerie, kicking off her shoes into a huge pile by the door. She began squeezing her way around a particularly juicy caboose. She could feel the heat radiating off the pillow-sized cheeks and her cock gave another throb.

"I apologize about the lack of space," said Suzan. "We had to merge today's all-futa class with the Plus-Size yoga class, the Double-Plus-Size class, the Too Fat to Actually Do Yoga What Were You Thinking Class, the MILF class, the Barely Legal class, and the Living With Gigantomastia class, so it's a little crowded today."

Valerie's left eye twitched slightly. A bead of sweat rolled down her forehead.

"You don't say." She put on a weak smile as she sidestepped between the ample booty of a sexy mom and the taut, cherry-tomato ass of a naive co-ed who looked like she belonged in high school but whose driver's license clearly indicated that she had turned eighteen last week.

"All the instructors had to cancel at the last minute due to them all being hugely pregnant at the same time," the instructor continued.

"Weird I wonder how that would happen..." Valerie avoided the instructor's eyes and continued to pick her way between the rows of voluptuous cheeks.

Eventually Valerie was able to find a spot big enough for her between a woman whose watermelon-sized boobs were practically holding her chest up off the ground by themselves, and an extreme pear-shaped woman whose broad bottom would have gotten inescapably stuck in any normal-sized chair. She unrolled her mat and took up the Downward Dog position with the rest of the class. Looking back at her legs, she could see the bulging outline of her arm-length trouser snake inching its way down towards her right knee. She did her best to will it smaller, but the insatiable serpent had a mind of its own and mockingly stretched another inch down the leg of her tights, thickening as it did so.

I'd just better not rip another pair of pants . She thought to herself. I really like these!

Beyond her bulging dick, Valerie could see the back of the head of the woman behind her. A scrumptious BBW with curves for days and a sexy muffin top that jiggled pleasurably as she tried to hold her position.

"Okay," the instructor addressed the class in a breathy voice. "Now let's transition from Downward Dog position to Triangle. And up!"

Valerie shifted her feet and lifted her arm up into the air. From this position she had a great view of the toned ass of the futa in front of her, a bulge the size of a softball squished between her muscular thighs.

" Unf ," Valerie bit her bottom lip. She was being assaulted by sexiness on all sides! Thank God she'd been late, she wasn't sure she could endure a whole hour of this. Shit, she wasn't sure she could endure another five minutes!

The next pose put her nearly nose deep in the canyon-sized asscrack of the woman to her left.

"Oops, pardon me!" the sexy forty-something giggled.

"Are you here from the MILF class or the plus-size class?" asked Valerie, trying not to think too hard about the hot slab of fuckmeat currently inching its way past her right knee.

"Neither! I'm from the futa class!" she said, cheerfully.

They shifted poses and Valerie was able to get a good look at the woman's front. Sure enough, there was the telltale bulge of a modestly-sized cock tucked upwards into her belly.

"I don't have to ask you what class you're part of, though! Hoo hoo!" the big booty woman laughed. "Is that what it looks like or are you going kayaking after this?"

"Nope, kayaking is on Thursdays," Valerie responded, grunting as she took her next pose. This one was more difficult than it should have been because it required bending her right leg. She winced as the pose put a kink in her now calf-length cock. She was beginning to sweat. Was the room getting hotter or was it just her?

"My name's Edna, by the way," said the juicy futa.

"Valerie. Pleased to meet you."

"Likewise! Hehe!" she had a laugh that was at once deep and girlish. It seemed to come from deep inside her plush belly.

They shifted positions again.

"Woah!" the latest pose was apparently too much for the woman with the watermelon-sized bust. The poor woman overbalanced and toppled directly onto Valerie, who found herself practically smothered beneath a gigantic pair of squishy boobs larger than her entire torso.

" Mmmmrf! " she struggled, but the bodacious boobs had her pinned. She couldn't breathe anything but the heady scent of the busty woman's cleavage. Down below, she felt her cock spring to full attention, lifting her entire leg straight up with it.

"Shit," Valerie grumbled. Her troubles weren't over: further up at the base of her groin, she felt her balls churn to life. The hyperproductive orbs began pumping out sperm at a fantastic rate in anticipation of some steamy big-boob action.

It took three women to lift the busty broad off of Valerie's face. Suzan brought over a bottle of water which Valerie took eagerly.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"I'm fine. I'm just scared I'm gonna rip out of my new yoga pants is all," answered Valerie, gesturing at the throbbing erection that now ran the entire length of her leg. The shaft of her bulging cock was nearly as thick as the leg it was stuck to. Fat, pulsing veins as broad as Valerie's thumb stood out like a relief map of a really veiny mountain range beneath the stretchy fabric. The head was as fat as a football, the flared mushroom ridge a good inch tall. A dark stain of fragrant precum was spreading from the tip.

"Oh well that would be a shame!" said the instructor. "I know how hard it is to find a pair of yoga pants you really like. It's alright if you need to strip them off."

"And do the rest of the class bare assed?" Valerie asked, raising an incredulous eyebrow.

"There's only twenty-five minutes left, and we don't mind if you go bottomless, do we girls?" Suzan asked the rest of the class, her big brown eyes sparkling.

"Ain't got nuthin' I ain't seen before," shrugged a saucy MILF with big fake tits and collagen lips.

"Well actually I haven't seen anything like that before," a tender young girl who'd just turned eighteen that day raised a shy hand before retreating behind a long curtain of black hair.

"Oh, well if you're not comfortable —" Suzan began.

"B-but I want to see!" interjected the shy teen, her perky, youthful nipples tenting the spandex of her yoga singlet.

Several other teens nodded in agreement.

"Take it off!" a woman in the back of the crowd yelled.

Valerie shrugged in resignation and stripped off her yoga pants. Her monster shaft sprung up and smacked her in the face the second it was loose. Fat nuts the size (and weight) of bowling balls swung free, swaying heavily in the warm, humid air of the yoga studio.

Everyone stared, mesmerized at the twin titans dangling between Valerie's legs, so fat they actually forced her knees apart. The instructor snapped out of her trance first and clapped her hands to get the class's attention.

"Alright girls let's finish strong! Back to your mats!"

The class sluggishly returned to their places and resumed posing.

Valerie grabbed one ankle and lifted her leg into the air as she bent way over to do the "Lord of the Dance" pose. She overbalanced and almost fell face first into the softball sized bulge of the futa in front of her.

"Sorry," said Valerie, regaining her posture. She was finding it difficult to balance with so much weight now swinging freely. Her balls kicked their production up another notch and she felt the weight on her groin increase as they swelled even larger. The tip of her rock-hard cock rose up. It was almost level with the other futa's beefy package.

"Don't you do it...," she whispered.

Her dick bobbed and swelled, stretching out, almost purposely toward the other futa's nuts.

"Don't you dare...," Valerie growled under her breath.

Her behemoth battering ram ignored her pleas and throbbed hugely, shooting forward several inches so that the football-sized head was rubbing directly on the other futa's package.

The other futa moaned a little but said nothing.

Valerie was sweating bullets now. How long were they going to hold this damn pose? Her leg trembled with the effort of keeping her still. She tried to lean backwards slightly but only succeeded in imparting a rocking motion to her body. The fat tip of her cockhead rubbed sensually against the other futa's own swelling package. More precum began to bead at the tip of her gigantic cock, pitter pattering onto the mat in front of her.

"And transition!" announced the instructor.

"Thank God," breathed Valerie.

"High lunge."

"Ho boy," Valerie got down on one knee and thrust her face forward. She was now inches from the other futa's throbbing cock. She could see it straining to escape the pouch of the woman's spandex shorts, like a fat bratwurst wrapped around a pair of tennis balls.

"Uhh, Suzan?" the futa raised her hand.

"Yes?" the instructor paused.

"I uhh, I think I'd like to go bottomless, too," she said.

"Well uh... that's fine," answered Suzan.

"Me too, actually," a busty MILF raised her hand. The entire front of her spandex was stained dark with ladycream.

Hands went up all over the classroom.

Freed from their confines, the other futa's fat sausage now dangled temptingly before Valerie's eyes. The futa girl's puffy labia gleamed with girl juice and several drops escaped to mingle with the slimy puddle on the floor.

Within seconds, everyone had stripped off their pants (and, in many cases, their tops as well) so that the whole class was letting their various parts breathe. The moist scent of sex was heavy in the air now, at least half of it supplied by the ever-expanding puddle of precum that was spreading out from around Valerie's mat. Not to mention her fragrant balls.

Valerie felt someone collide with her nuts behind her. The BBW had slipped on one of the blobs of precum that were continuously leaking from Valerie's gaping cumslit, and fallen face first into her beanbag-chair sized scrotum. She felt them rumble and swell from the renewed stimulus.

"Wow that is... whoo... that is musky right there," said the BBW regaining her composure.

"Yeah I'm sweating like crazy," said Valerie. "Sorry."

"No, don't be. It smells amazing, actually," said the BBW. "In fact you don't mind if I get another whiff, do you?"


The BBW didn't wait for Valerie's response, just dove right in and began sniffing Valerie's fat nuts, lifting the sack to her face and massaging them all over.

"Oooh..." Valerie let out a little moan. That felt pretty good.

Valerie's hot cum factories churned and boiled with gallons of fresh cum. Every squeeze and push from the BBW sending them into a frenzy of excited growth. They began to bloat faster, visibly gaining inches every second.

"And transition," said the instructor.

Valerie tried to follow the class, but found herself inhibited by her heavy pair of now beachball-sized nuts.

She grunted loudly as she tried to shift their ever increasing bulk.

"Is there a problem?" asked Suzan, peeking over to look at Valerie.

"Uhh, no just lemme—" she pushed on her balls. They pushed back, expanding larger. They were big enough now to reach the floor, and pumping precum like crazy through Valerie's thigh-thick cock. Blobs of milky liquid splatted loudly onto the floor almost continuously, with larger bursts whenever Valerie or anyone else put pressure on her nuts.

"Maybe it's time for us to switch to some ball exercises...," said Suzan.

While the rest of the class went to the edges of the room to retrieve the yoga balls stored there, Valerie had her own. A pair of her own, actually. Each of her testes was now the size of a yoga ball by itself, still pumping out jizz like crazy and continuing to swell. Valerie could feel the gallons of sperm squirming beneath her as she sat down on one of her balls to begin the next exercise.

"Now, I want you all to roll your hips gently around like this," Suzan demonstrated, rocking her hips back and forth on top of her ball. She had joined the class in stripping off her bottoms and a wet gleam of pussy juice was visibly dripping down the sides of the large rubber sphere.

Moans and gasps of pleasure began to erupt spontaneously around the classroom as the girls ground their aching loins into the yoga balls.

" Ooooh, unhhhhh. "

" Mmmmmnf. "

"N-now," panted Suzan, "take your index and middle finger and insert them into your... ooooooh. "

Suzan rocked back and forth on the yoga ball, fingering herself wildly as the rest of the class followed suit. Most of the futas in the class also supplemented this by jerking their rock hard rods. Valerie looked around, shrugged and began to join in, gyrating her hips as she pleasured her aching pussy. It was difficult to pull off, as she had to reach her arm way around behind her bulging sack to do so, but her wide, hungry slit wasn't hard to find and the sensation was well worth it.

Each rotation of Valerie's hips brought her fat cockhead into contact with the other futa's asscrack. A huge blob of precum blorted out, goosing the unsuspecting girl and further moistening her ladybits. She let out a loud moan.

"Now let's try some... ahhh... partner poses. Those of you with dicks pair up with... ahhh... someone who doesn't have a dick," Suzan's fingers were a blur, she was panting so heavily she could barely talk.

The class got the gist of it though, soon the futas in the group were eagerly mounting the groaning women of various ages and builds. "Downward dog" seemed to be the favored pose, but a lot of pairs (and groups) seemed to be content to make up their own.

Valerie was practically mobbed with offers from the girls around her to partner up, but it was the woman with the watermelon tits who won out.

"These seem to be just about the right size for each other," said Watermelons, stuffing Valerie's monster rod between her tits. Within seconds they were slick and sloppy with pre as the ultra-endowed woman began pumping her boobs up and down for a titanic titwank.

Valerie rocked in time with Watermelons's pumping, bouncing on her boulder-sized sack and moaning in orgasmic ecstasy as the monster mammaries worked their magic.

"Anyone ever tell you this stuff tastes amazing?" asked Watermelons, slurping eagerly at Valerie's cumslit.

"I eat a lot of pineapple, oooooh, " moaned Valerie. She could feel the fire and pressure building deep in her behemoth cum factories. Gallon upon gallon of sperm was boiling beneath her, trying to force its way up her monster shaft.

"Watch out, I'm gonna..." Valerie couldn't finish her warning before she erupted.

" Aaaaaaaaaggghhhh! " she screamed, arching her back and curling her toes as the simultaneous cock and pussy orgasm rocked her body.

An explosion of jizz the thickness and consistency of yoghurt burst from Valerie's cock, hitting Watermelons full in the face. She made a valiant effort to catch the explosion in her mouth, guzzling down gallons of sticky white slop, but eventually she had to turn away and gasp for air. The force of the still-blasting jizz overwhelmed her and knocked her aside, where she collapsed on the floor beneath a bloated belly big enough to support her oversized melon tits.

Unfettered, the firehose strength stream of Valerie's spunk now sprayed across the room, plastering dozens of women to the wall with the force of her ejaculation. Hot ropes of steaming baby batter splattered heavily against the front window.

Outside, a couple walking past clucked their tongues at the half dozen nude women pressed up against the glass by a flood of white goop.

"They put up Christmas decorations earlier every year," the man tutted. The pair stuck up their noses and quickened their pace down the sidewalk.

Inside, it was chaos. Hot jizz flooded the room, basting the ceiling, the walls, the mirrors, the floors. Everything in an expanding cone from Valerie's mat to the front of the studio was covered in three inches of spunk. The heat and humidity was intense. Slick bodies gleamed with sweat as the orgy resumed with increased fervor.

"Can I take that baby for a ride?" asked Edna. Her medium-sized prick was as hard as a rock, bouncing cheerfully against the plump flesh of her belly.

"Be my guest," offered Valerie, eager to feel those bountiful cheeks slapping against her stomach.

"Wow, that is... that is warm," said the fat-bottomed futa, caressing the massive glans. She lifted it to her face and took a hearty sniff of the heady musk. "Oh wow..."

She began to stroke her own dick, her balls tightening with excitement. Beneath her shaft, her plump pussy was positively pouring with juice.

"How am I supposed to get this beast inside me?" she asked. "It's practically bigger than I am!"

"Let me warm you up a bit first," said Valerie. "Lay back."

Edna allowed Valerie to lower her gently backwards onto a mat. There was a soft slurping sound as her head and shoulders were partially submerged in the hot white ooze coating the ground.

Valerie kissed Edna tenderly between her ample breasts, then started moving downwards, leaving a trail of kisses down her chest and the soft curves of her plump stomach until she reached the woman's pulsing cock. It may not have been big, but it was very sweet, and stiff as a board. Valerie was easily able to wrap her plush lips around the eager shaft.

"Oh my God..." Edna Squirmed. "Why can't my husband suck cock like you?"

Valerie didn't answer, but continued to swirl her dextrous tongue around the cherry-sized cockhead and suck powerfully on the turgid shaft. With one hand, she cupped Edna's balls, massaging them, working them between her palm and fingertips. Edna moaned and rubbed her legs. This was the best head she'd ever gotten in her life!

Every time Edna felt like she might climax, Valerie anticipated and eased off, keeping her on the edge for what felt like an eternity. When the voluptuous futa finally did blow her load, it was the largest wad she'd ever shot! The force of orgasm hit her like a sledgehammer and she let out throaty grunt. Valerie's cheeks bulged as the blast of sperm hit her in the back of the throat. She swallowed it in one gulp.

Soon our plane was out of sight of St. Helens --but that cloud was parallel to our flight path. Our plane was on the Oregon side of the river and the cloud was on the Washington or north side of the river. As our plane continued east our pilot continued to comment.  He would say;  "We are now passing Hood River and the cloud is still with us." Then later; "We are passing The Dalles and the cloud is still with us."  This continued to be repeated until we were in the vicinity of Hermiston, Oregon. At that point the cloud of ash picked up a wind out of the southwest and it made a sharp turn to the north toward Tri-Cities, Moses Lake and Spokane, Washington.   As I continued to keep my itinerary and call on my customers,  I found myself repeating this story over and over.  I was questioned repeatedly about what I had experienced.  The interest was very high at the time.

" Chug! Chug! Chug! " the cum-covered crowd chanted. Chubsy's cock was back up and gushing stronger than before. Two more girls were draped over swollen bellies bigger than yoga balls and a third one was in the middle of getting her guts stuffed by the gawky redhead. So far nobody had beaten Veronica H's size and the latest girl was nowhere close. She was losing way too much down her chin as she slurped messily at Chubsy's endlessly-gushing phallus.

The crowd seemed to have forgotten completely about Valerie, so Roxie decided to take the opportunity to get some private time with the muscular cockmonster.

"Hey." Roxie brushed Valerie's shoulder.

"Hey, hot stuff!" Val waggled her eyebrows at the hot-to-trot MILF.

"Looks like we've finally got some time to ourselves. Your son is really something," said Roxie. She ran her many-ringed fingertips up the length of Val's gleaming, cum frosted bicep. "So you finally gonna let me take this beast for a spin?" she asked, patting the floppy length of Val's veiny, six-foot long, thigh-thick cock. Ice clinked in her glass and the odor of gin wafted across Val's nose.

Val looked down at her monstrous member and her titanic, turgid testes. Watching Chubsy had gotten them excited. They were eager to show this upstart kid a thing or two about cum production. Even as she watched, they swelled slowly. Her colossal balls were churning with gallons of baby batter and the head of her cock inched minutely across the ground as its length began to build.

"I dunno..." said Val. "I'm pretty big right now. Are you sure you don't want to warm up with poindexter over there?" Val jerked her thumb in the direction of Chubsy.

Valerie's long-lost son had just finished topping off the girl Val vaguely recognized as the bitchy cheerleader named Jessica. A trio of buff guys tipped the girl over and rolled her off like a beer keg to join the other girls recovering up against the wall. The floor around Chubsy's feet was a small lake of steamy jizz and with no one to drink up his ever-flowing spunk, his two-foot cock was spewing gallons of its seed directly onto the carpet. An eager girl with a long braid of brown hair down her back hurriedly moved in to guzzle from the stream.

"Oh please!" Roxie let out a gravelly bark of laughter. "That little toothpick? My cooch would eat that scrawny little boy up alive. All you'd see would be his feet dangling down between my legs like this—" she illustrated by thrusting out her hips and waggling her fingertips at crotch level.

"Oh, come on." Val laughed. "His cock is huge. I mean, yeah It's small compared to mine , but..."

"Valerie, honey..." Roxie patted Val on her sticky shoulder with a sticky hand. "I've lost toys inside me that were bigger than that boy's dick." Roxie took a sip from her tumbler of gin and tonic. "I've had nine kids, Val. Nine. Kymberly is my youngest."

"Wow," said Valerie, looking Roxie up and down. The randy fortysomething looked great. Her fake, volleyball-sized tits stuck out huge, round, and proud. Blue veins traced delicate paths beneath their tautly-stretched skin. Down below, her six-inch erection jutted upwards at a forty-five degree angle above a pair of silicone-stuffed balls that were easily a match for her massive tits. Of Roxie's several tattoos, only the one of a rose encircling the base of her stiff prick was visible under the frosting coat of cum Val had blasted all over her earlier.

"Lemme tell ya, Kymberly's birth weight was eighteen and a half pounds," Roxie continued. "And she practically rolled out of me. I was only in labor for six minutes!"

"Geez..." Val's eyes went wide.

"This thing is a cavern." laughed Roxie, gesturing to where her vagina was hiding behind her ridiculously enhanced nutsack. "These days it would take a dildo the size of the Washington Monument to get me off."

"I'm big but even I'm not that big!" Val laughed.

Roxie looked Val's cock up and down and winked. "Well I'll try to fake it for ya."

Snickering like schoolgirls, Roxie and Val clasped hands and scampered around the crowd of horny teens to escape out to the terrace. Well, Roxie scampered. Val was dragging way too many feet of dick to scamper, so she sort of loped along instead. Behind them, the girl with the long braid was beginning to expand, her belly stretching out in front of her as Chubsy's cum gushed loudly down her eager throat.


It had taken about fifty flushes for Tasha to drain the ten-gallon assload of cum from her stomach. Miraculously, the plumbing held up in spite of the impossible thickness and viscosity of Tasha's ultra-potent girlspunk.

Five hefty bags full of jizz and three cold showers later, Tasha had managed to clean herself off and drain her equipment down to a size that wouldn't send horses fleeing in terror. Tony lent her some of Allie's clothes. They weren't a perfect fit but at least she felt human again. She was hanging around in his room while he scavenged for more clothes.

"Do you need shoes?" asked Tony, walking in holding up a pair of Allie's old sneakers.

"Not really. Besides, I don't think they'll fit," said Tasha, sitting on the ground and lining her foot up alongside Allie's shoe. The tips of the gawky teenager's toes extended well past the toe of Allie's sneaker.

"Geez, woman, how big are your feet?" asked Tony, suppressing a laugh. He placed his foot next to hers for comparison. "No way!" They looked about the same size.

Tony hurriedly took off his sneaker and plopped himself down in front of Tasha.

"Lemme see," said Tony, stretching out his leg.

"No way, they're stupid huge," said Tasha, blushing. "I don't want to embarrass you."

"I wanna see, c'mon," Tony pleaded. "There's no way yours are bigger."

Tasha reluctantly stretched out her leg, placing her sock-clad foot sole to sole with Tony's.

"Holy shit, they're bigger!" Tony exclaimed.

"I told you." Tasha turned away and blushed, curling her legs underneath her so that her feet were tucked out of sight.

"I guess it is true what they say about girls with big feet," Tony said, laughing.

Tasha couldn't help but laugh as well. Soon both of them were in hysterics that lasted several minutes and left them breathless. Tasha was the first to calm down.

"Tony..." Tasha said, breathily. She made bedroom eyes at the hunky teen as he teased her shiny, damp hair.

"Yeah?" he breathed.

Tasha moved in close so her lips were just touching Tony's ear. Down below, her hand slowly traveled up his inner thigh towards his waiting, eager bulge. "Let's play around with your..." she moistened her lips. "Sega game system!" she yelled, pointing around Tony's head at the Sega system behind him and lifting the game controller up from between his legs.

Tony grinned. "I've been waiting all night for you to ask that!"


Val and Roxie were looking around for a good place to fuck. The rear patio was a flooded mess of jizz. Much of the patio furniture had been washed to the edges of the terrace by Val's explosive deluge and the hot tub was completely invisible beneath a pile of Val's viscous girlchowder.

Vivica, the cheer captain, sat in the center of a smaller pile a few feet away. The cum-bloated babe was scooping huge handfuls of Val's jizz from the mound that had formed around her swollen belly and stuffing the thick cumwads in her mouth with eager smacking sounds. Ropes of Val's jizz dangled from the girl's chin and linked her top and bottom lips as she slurped up handful after handful. Her belly was, somehow, even larger than when they saw it last. Obviously she'd been slurping down cum for quite some time. Just her narrow, bare feet poked out from underneath the front curvature of her massive stomach. It rose up over the level of her head and pinned her to the terracotta planter behind.

Meanwhile, taking up much of the shallow end of the pool, Veronica "Ronron" Ronald moaned loudly and caressed the tops of her bobbing, raft-sized tits as she lay draped across a stomach larger than an SUV. Her legs were still twitching madly and her toes curled as brain-melting aftershockgasms exploded through her gaping girlparts. Fountains of milk gushed from her traffic-cone-sized tits into the waters of the pool, which had turned a cloudy white from the various liquids pouring into it.

Roxie gave an impressed whistle as the pair strolled around the deep end of the pool. "Damn, Val. You're a force of nature."

Val was grinning wolfishly at the sexy MILF. "Like I told those girls earlier, you ain't seen nuthin' yet!"

Roxie's drink dropped with a plop! into the thick sludge at their feet as the two women embraced in a frantic, slimy, grope-fest. The three-inch layer of girlchowder was so thick that it cushioned the glass from breaking when it hit the ground.

Val's sperm-covered mouth smushed against Roxie's. The hyper-hung futa relished the squishy sensation of the older woman's collagen-enhanced lips. She bit and sucked on them for several seconds before moving lower down, planting wet kisses all over the MILF's collarbone, down her chest and on each of her big, fake boobs. Roxie moaned and pawed at Val, arching her back and thrusting forwards with her hips to grind her melon-sized fake balls against Val's rippling six-pack.

Down between Val's knees, her balls began to gurgle and swell, slowly expanding until they kissed the sperm-covered ground and began to spread out across the ooze. Val's seven-foot cyclops stiffened, rising up between Roxie's legs until the uber-busty mega-MILF was straddling the hefty love log like a pink, veiny steed. Val's arm muscles bulged as she began to lift the busty woman towards the end of her throbbing cock.

"Wait, wait!" Roxie disentangled herself from Val's embrace. Val wasn't listening and kept nuzzling Roxie's tattooed stomach. Roxie had to smack Val across her bulging traps to get the girl's attention.

"What?" asked Val, looking up with confusion.

Val's thick veins went bumpa bumpa on Roxie's silicone-stuffed ass and balls as she slid back down the thick shaft until she was tits to chin with Val. "I told you," said Roxie, "I want you at your full size. I need you to fill me."

"Trust me, I'm getting there," panted Val, leaning forwards to lick Roxie's stomach again. Her balls were hot and churning against her feet and legs. She could feel trillions upon trillions of her ultra-potent sperm squirming and jostling for space as her impossibly-elastic scrotum continued to fill with gallons of gushing girl goop.

"Val! Val!" Roxie ran her hands through Val's slimy, cum-slick hair. "I want more of your cock inside me than anyone ever has before! I want every inch you have to give and every inch you could possibly give!"

"So hop on already!" Val moaned into Roxie's tummy.

"I need to do something first..." said Roxie, dismounting from Val's still-swelling, ten-foot erection.

"What? Where the hell are you going?" asked Val. She tried to follow, but her balls were bigger than beanbags now; she could barely shuffle a few feet before the weight of her fleshy anchors stopped her in her tracks.

Roxie didn't answer. She just splashed through the ankle-deep spunk over to the steaming mound of jizz that marked the location of the hot tub and plunged her hands into the muck.

"Hey! Bolt-ons! If you're hungry for spunk I'm serving it hot and fresh over here!" Valerie yelled at Roxie's bodacious, butterfly-tattooed ass. On cue, Val's monstrous meat pillar spewed a long stream of hot precum.

Roxie didn't answer. She just kept sifting through the mound of jizz. At long last, she yelled "Aha!" and pulled something out of the mammoth wad of congealed cum.

"What is that?" asked Val, watching Roxie carry over what looked like an armload of giant noodles. "Spaghetti and jizz-sauce?"

Roxie grinned. "They're the heavy-duty bungee cords Tony's family use to tie the cover down on the hot tub."

Valerie gulped.


"Ha, I've got so many levels right now!" bragged Tony, frantically mashing buttons on his game controller. "You're never gonna catch up."

"Yeah, those are pretty good, but check out these levels!" Tasha snickered and pointed at her half of the screen as she flicked her joystick.

Tony's eyes bulged. He'd never seen so many levels! And her gems! They were off the charts!

Bweeoeooeoeooeo! Said the game. Tony had just hit an enemy and lost half his levels. He set his jaw in determination and mashed the controller harder.


"I dunno if this is such a good idea, Roxie," said Val nervously as the uber-busty MILF strained to link the last of the high-tension bungee cables around her titanic cock. These weren't just some rinky-dink bungee cords like you use to tie a fixie bike to the back of your Prius on your way to suck your boyfriend's tiny dick. These were bigass bungee cables like what lumberjacks would use to stop logs from rolling off the back of their Ford F650s on their way to fuck burly men in the ass with their hairy, foot-long cocks.

And right now Valerie Song had five of them wrapped around the base of her huge, throbbing, waist-thick cock. The tough, stretchy cords squeezed the flesh of her ten-foot, mammoth-shaming dong. She could feel her heart hammering at the base of her cock like the beat of a bass drum. In fact, it almost sounded like a bass drum.

Roxie let out a throaty, cigarette-smoke laugh as she clicked the last pair of hooks together. "That's oughta do it!" Veins bigger than her wrists bulged hugely up and down Val's tree-trunk-like shaft.

Val shook her head. "I hope you know what you're doing..."

"Relax and let me take it from here," Roxie purred. Her fingertips caressed Val's chest, easing the muscular futa back until she was lying on the squishy, warm cushion of her beanbag-chair-sized nutsack. Val sank into her scrotum like a big, wrinkly waterbed, feeling the heat of her sperm slosh against her back and arms. The pressure of her growing, churning balls lifted her up and she rose a few inches into the air every second, buoyed by the swelling orbs and gallons of baby batter brewing beneath her butt.

Roxie hoisted up her leg and prepared to mount the behemoth cock towering over her head, but paused in the middle of the motion.

"Now what?" asked Val, feeling somewhat strained. Her cock was already starting to hurt. More veins were bulging out along the shaft and she could swear it was turning purple.

"Just a sec," said Roxie. She lowered her foot back to the ground and set her feet apart, crouching over Val with her fists on her knees.

Roxie grunted, thrusting her backside out in Val's direction. "Hrnnnnnnnnnnng!" It looked like she was trying to...

"Uhh, Roxie, I dunno what you're doing but I should probably let you know I'm not into scat play or anything like that," said Val, looking nervously at Roxie's silicone-enhanced butt.

Roxie laughed and continued to strain, clenching her stomach muscles. Her pussy bulged out, swelling hugely and for a moment Val had the impression the futa MILF was giving birth to an alien baby. Something big, round and green was crowning at the opening of Roxie's massive, puffy labia. Jets of fragrant pussy juice squirted around the rim of the opening as more and more of the girthy, bulbous object presented itself.

SPLOOP! PLOOP! The big, bulbous thing popped free and Valerie saw that it wasn't an alien's head, but a transparent, neon-green pair of balls the size of large grapefruits. Roxie breathed a sigh of both relief and pleasure as she reached down and grabbed the balls, pulling them out of her cooch. Along with the balls came a pillar of neon green cock as thick as Val's calf. The shaft was soaking wet. A torrent of pussy juice gushed down its length as more and more of the flexible dong squeezed out of her with a noise like a squeegee rubbing along wet glass. The big, rubbery balls of the massive dildo hit the tiles with a splat before the tip was even close to clearing the lips of Roxie's ravenous pussy. She had to stand on her painted tiptoes and yank on the wiggly green beast to finally pop the silicone glans free of her stretched-out lower lips. About a pint of sweet, sweet cunt-honey splashed onto the ground around the big green dick.

Roxie hefted the huge jelly dong and watched its floppy tip spring up and down. "Almost forgot I had that thing in there!"

All in all, the massive dildo was over thirty inches long and fifteen around the shaft. Huge, bulbous protrusions at each end simulated a glans and balls.

Wow, this woman wasn't kidding about taking dildos bigger than Chubsy's cock... Thought Valerie. No wonder she thinks it would take my full size to fill her.

Pain cut her thoughts short. Val's cock pulsed with agony now. By her estimate, it was fully twelve feet long and as thick around as she'd ever seen it get. She'd reached her full size! The bungee cords strained around the increasing girth of her cock. New veins were popping into sight every second. First they were faint blue lines, then they swelled into pencil-thick ridges. It was like time-lapse footage of vines overtaking a mighty oak. They swelled and bulged with rushing blood, fatter and fatter, surpassing her wrist but still not stopping.

Roxie looked up at Val's towering, twelve-foot erection and tossed the pitifully-tiny "giant" dildo aside in the muck. Using Val's bulging veins like the handholds on a bizarre, adult-themed rock-climbing wall, the spry fortysomething clambered up the length of the ginormous flesh-pillar and seated herself atop the flared, melon-sized glans.

Val moaned as she felt Roxie's impossibly-puffy pussy kiss the gaping tip of her outsized cockhead. A glob of precum bigger than Roxie's head blorped from the four-inch long, inch-wide opening, drenching Roxie's gooch and sending shudders up the horny MILF's spine. She rocked her crotch back and forth across the tip, working her opening wider and wider. Mingled precum and pussy juice poured down the front of Val's monster cock, splitting off into tiny rivulets and waterfalls whenever the flow encountered the ridge of one of her throbbing, bulging veins.

Val moaned and squirmed on top of her hog-sized balls. The motion of her ass against her own nutsack and the grinding way up at the tip of her achingly-swollen cock stoked the fires of her arousal and she felt her ultra-hyperactive sperm churners kick into overdrive for the fifth time that day.

My balls are getting a real workout today... Thought Valerie. Her FutaBit beeped to alert her that she was exceeding her personal best score for cock size. The angry, purple pillar was throbbing visibly with the beat of her heart reverberating up and down its length. Every heartbeat added a few more centimeters to the length and girth of her painfully-swollen shaft.


Roxie moaned loudly with delight as she impaled herself on Val's gargantuan cockhead. "Ahhhhhhn!" Her pussy spasmed and her thumb-length clit throbbed with pleasure. Finally, there was something in her stretched-out momhole that didn't make her feel like she was tossing a hotdog up a hallway! She purred with delight and began to lower herself down the oak-trunk-thick length of Val's rock-hard meat monolith.

Roxie's stomach bulged into the sky. The fleshy tent of her womb stretched outwards and up, rising above her head as she slid down foot after foot of Val's kayak-sized erection. The angels tattooed on her belly stretched out until they were faded, shapeless blobs.

"I can feel your heartbeat in my whole body!" cried Roxie. "Oh my God. Val! Oh my GOD! " Roxie's eyes rolled back in delirious pleasure. Every mountainous vein on the surface of Val's cock felt ten times bigger inside her rapidly-stretching snatch. Rapid Fire orgasms popped off like fireworks in her brain. The mouth of her swollen, impossibly-stretched cunt opened wider and wider as she slid herself down. Its lips and clit spasmed wildly in the throes of euphoric ecstasy. Gallons of pussy juice were gushing down the shaft now.

In 1977, Goodall founded the Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research, Education and Conservation. While the Institute initially focused on supporting continued field research on wild chimpanzees, its work has expanded to promoting the power of individuals to protect the environment for all living things. As of this writing, the Goodall Institute has 19 offices around the world, operating community-centered conservation and development programs, principally in Africa. Jane Goodall later founded a youth program, Roots and Shoots, which now operates in over 130 countries.

These tacos look SO SO GOOD! I love a chicken tacos or any type of taco for that matter. You do some amazing things in your crockpot Girl! Hope your team won!

Valerie Still - Let Me Feel Your RhythmValerie Still - Let Me Feel Your RhythmValerie Still - Let Me Feel Your RhythmValerie Still - Let Me Feel Your Rhythm